I live and breathe surfing. Growing up, I lived in Oceanside, Cali for a period of time. Going to the beach and watching people surf really got me hooked. That’s where it really started I guess. Eventually, we moved out of California and became landlocked. No ocean, no beach. So I did what any good kid would do… I started skateboarding. For many years I honed my skateboarding skills, breaking bones along the way. It wasn’t too long after graduating high school that I made the jump to Melbourne, FL. That placed shaped me for the rest of my life. The surfing, the lifestyle, and the culture of Florida gave me the push in the direction I knew I wanted to go. That’s where the idea for Coconut Swell was born. I knew I loved surfing at that point. I’d pretty much always been on some kind of board, whether it was skateboard, snowboard, or surfboard. But my heart was always in the ocean. My first real board was made by Rusty. It was a gnarly board. I miss that thing. I’m not a brand loyalist by any means. I also ride …Lost and Channel Islands.

Coconut Swell is my brand, and your brand. I knew I wanted to do something in the surfing industry. I always was a fanatic for surf apparel. I loved letting other people know what I was about. What my passion was. Surfing and surf apparel. That’s what it had to be. I wanted to share my passion, what I represented, with others. So what I decided to do was offer custom hand-drawn surf style designs printed on t-shirts. The t-shirt is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Some of the designs would be hand-drawn on a medium such as paper then imported into the computer to be made into a design able to be printed. Others would be created totally digitally using illustrator. We offer both. Either way, Coconut Swell is a really new company. We are still building our portfolio of t-shirt deisgns to offer to people like you. And we will never stop creating totally gnarly designs for people to express their surfing passion.


Located in St. Cloud, Florida, Drea`s background is in designing custom artwork on Vans shoes and surfboard artwork. She’s an avid surfer and skateboarder. Her custom Van’s shoes have been designed for some pretty prominent figures in the YouTube surfing world (Ben Gravy *cough cough*). She does killer work on those Vans shoes. Drea’s roots are in the water. Whether it’s surfing, skimoarding, etc etc… You get the picture! Keep an eye out for her new designs as they come out and follow her on Instagram.