About Coconut Swell Surf Apparel Co.

We aren’t your regular surf apparel company!

Coconut Swell is a company started back in 2019 to bring surf and beach culture apparel to consumers with a like mind. We are not corporate driven. We are a family owned small business that focuses on Florida surf and beach culture. We enjoy nature, and are right at home on the beach or in the water either surfing or scuba diving!

Being a small business, we value our customers quite a bit. Not only that, but we enjoy what we do as well. We make all of our designs either in house or work with designers in our places of interest. We value custom artwork for our designs that show what we are all about at heart.

We have worked with artists in Florida as well as Indonesia to create some pretty cool designs we think, and are constantly working to come out with new stuff all the time.

We may not have been around a long time, but we know we are here to stay, and look forward to bringing you many cool apparel designs for many years to come!