surfing mission

Our mission is simple. To create premium surfing apparel featuring custom surf culture designs.

Coconut Swell Surfing Apparel Co. was started from a pure love of surfing, surf culture, and just having fun! We believe that you only live once, and that you should fill your time with good memories, smiles and laughter, and catching waves.

To us, surfing is all about connecting with the ocean and yourself. The designs we create come from within our minds and our take on what surfing is all about. We obviously love the beach and warm weather, sunshine, and beauty in the palm trees. Many of our designs feature this.

Our customers, YOU, are our #1! We want to make sure that you have awesome and unique designs in your surfing t-shirt arsenal, at all times. We believe that t-shirts are one of the biggest self expression tools out there. We often let other people know what we love and are passionate about by what we wear every day! That’s why we love creating catchy, fun, and unique surf culture t-shirts!

Many of our customers chase the surf and plan surf vacations all over the world. That’s why our main slogan is, “Made to endure all of your wildest surfing adventures!”. We 100% stand by that slogan. Wherever your surfing takes you, Coconut Swell Surfing Apparel Co. will have you covered. Literally!

Lot’s of our designs are hand drawn on paper, then transferred into a computer to be digitized for the best print quality. This gives you the passion that was put into the artwork and let’s you wear that passion every day! Other designs are made 100% on the computer using design software, like our logo tees etc… However, the same passion for creating personal and unique designs goes into those as well…

We also work with other artist in different areas of the world to bring their culture and passion to the fabric of our apparel. Lot’s of our in-house work though features Florida inspiration. That’s where we are from, Melbourne, FL, so it’s only natural!

cliff beaver coconut swell

So this is who we are. The face behind the business! Behind us is our passion, and I’m sure yours too! And our mission is to give you the best we can, custom passion fueled surfing apparel for every condition imaginable!!! Thanks for being one of our customers. We love you all!